Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Blogger Who Journals

             I was able to find a blogger who uses their blog space, at least in part, as a journal.  Trisha Paytas is a Youtuber and makes vlogs and other content on her Youtube channel related to various things including beauty, fashion, and motivational videos for her viewers.  The link to her blog is  There are several elements of an effective journal that Trisha incorporates into her blog.  Many of her posts read like journal entries and include various elements that come across as being insightful and inspiring.  For example, in her post entitled “Because I’m Happy”, Trisha states that “we all have struggles, struggles do not define you or your well you handle struggles do.  You can get up every morning and allow your struggles to hold you down and keep you in bed or you can choose to be happy and overcome all these obstacles.”  This shows remarkable insight into the difficulties that many of us face in life and proves that with effort, we can learn and grow while overcoming the problems that life throws our way.  This insightful comment by Trisha is one of the hallmarks of what makes a journal effective as it shows evidence that she is developing self-awareness from the challenges that she has overcome in life.  In addition, she is making the choice to be happy despite the problems she faces as she knows that she still has many positive things to be appreciative for, such as her loving family and having a job that she really enjoys.  Furthermore, in her post fittingly entitled “Reflections”, Trisha goes on to say “I reflect on my life and I am so grateful.  No matter what tomorrow holds, I am grateful in the now for what I have accomplished, for what I have survived, and what I will do.”  Again, this shows proof of her developing and emerging with greater self-awareness which is a huge part of what makes a journal effective.

            Another element of an effective journal is encouraging readers to take some sort of action and teach them something important.   A message for readers to ponder is clearly demonstrated on Trisha’s blog in her post entitled “Count Your Blessings”.  In this post, Trisha says “acknowledge your blessings and share them with the world.  And remind others how truly blessed they are.”  This is an example of giving your readers a call to action which is one of the components of a successful journal.  Encouraging readers to do something with what you have discussed, enables them to walk away from reading your post with a greater sense of understanding.  Moreover, it also provides them with something specific that they can apply to their life and persuades them to do something with what you have talked about.  A well thought out and articulate journal entry will get readers involved in the process and allow them to relate to what is being discussed.  By convincing readers to use their newfound knowledge and/or motivation that they found while reading the journal, the journal writer is making it easy for readers to feel like a part of the journey.

              Another characteristic of a well-crafted journal is making personal observations in your entries.  Trisha does this well in her journal entry called “Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty.”  In this entry, she mentions that “people have called me "beautiful" on my social media, people who have never met me....and I don't think it’s the hair or the makeup....I truly believe it’s because of what I stand for and what I believe in....which is YOU ARE GOOD.  THE WORLD IS GOOD.  I just try to inspire that to everyone on a daily basis.  I care about people; I care about this human race.  And that’s what people are attracted to, that’s what people want to be around.”  Essentially, Trisha is making a personal observation about the true reasons that people have gravitated toward her and respect her.  Her personal observation is that because of her good heart and willingness and desire to help others, she has found that people do appreciate her.  Personal observations, such as this one, show that the person writing the journal entry has insight and clarity into their reality and place in life.  Another personal observation is mentioned in her entry called “The Things That Matter In Life”.  Trisha states that “there are so many beautiful things in this world that we so often miss for our lives become too busy, family becomes too distant, jobs become too’s important to stop and reflect on what’s important in this life.”  Again, Trisha is using a key trait of an effective journal when she makes personal observations about the world such as this one.  Overall, Trisha’s blog is comprised of several journal entries that really convey many of the characteristics of an effective journal: evidence of the development of self-awareness, giving readers a call to action, and making personal observations.

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