Monday, January 19, 2015

A Blogger Who Journals

I found this blog very interesting because Jenny Blake's posts are for everybody but especially college students. As a college student we deal with so many issues mentally, financially, and emotionally. Many people get confused, switch majors multiple times, and do not know how they are going to work and got to school at the same time. Ms. Blake gives inspirational advice in her posts to help give students a positive attitude about the world. Her blogs mainly focus on life after college because that is when it seems like your would will change all over again. She tells a story from the past in history that has a positive message or life lesson to go along with it.

A main lesson that Jenny Blake consistently discusses is failure. That is such an important topic because I was always told in order to succeed in life you will fail at least a couple of times. There will be different trials and tribulations but you greatest lessons will come from failure. She emphasizes a lot of time things will not go the way we had them planned and that is when you take what happened and turn it into something positive. The few posts that I read were so inspirational and makes so much sense because she turns a negative situation into a positive one. At the end of her posts, she always ends with a positive sentence. "Failure doesn't ruin your story. Failure helps you write it.(Blake)" "With great pain comes great purpose. (Blake)" Great advice!

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  1. Give some examples of journal-type entries. Mainly, her posts focus on teaching her readers and giving advice.