Monday, January 19, 2015

An Offerring to the Bloggess

Jenny Lawson has created an amazing blog titled "The Bloggess". In this blog, Jenny relates daily happenings in her life like her birthday presents, her view on Girl Scout Cookies, and cats. Lots of cats. What makes Jenny's journal/blog effective is her filter, or lack there of. Many people are funny, but today it seems to be that the less filtered you are, the bigger the following you will have (one of my favorite comedians is Kathy Griffin). If people want stuffy news or more hard-hitting stories, they go to the TV and turn on a popular news station. For people who want a laugh and want to feel like they are talking to their funniest friend, they go to Jenny Lawson.

Not only does her outspokenness ensnare you, but her random topics get you giggling and scrolling until you realize that you just spent an hour on her blog. Her randomness and hilarity has come to be the norm, and her unexpectedness is expected. It is clear that this is a blog for an audience, and she is very aware of that audience, but that does not stop you from laughing at her F-bombs and random pictures.

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