Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 3: It depends

Since diaries are suppose to be a part of you, I think I would burn mine. I have a book that i write in every time I'm depress. I still have it and read it some times. If i were to move out i would burn it but now i just want to know how i grew up from all these shitty things or if I'm still at that place. I learned a lot from them specially my grammar and vocabulary still sucks. Writing everyday is really amazing, I applaud people who can keep a daily diary.

I stopped writing in it when i started dancing. Dancing has help me cope with all those thoughts and i hope I never have to read them again and start writing happy memories. If they are happy memories i wouldn't burn them but If hey are all sad I would rather burn them.

Many people know me as he cheerful one so it will be really sad if they really got into my head. It would be sad if they knew the depressing part of me.

I like to choose how I want to be remembered by my love ones. It probably sounds selfish since they will only just know a part of me but i don't think you can ever know anyone completely.  I don't fully know myself yet so i might as well choose what i want to be remember as.

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