Sunday, January 18, 2015

Laura Walker journals her way to an epiphany

Laura Walker, the author of the blog The Wandering Soul, writes detailed accounts about her traveling experiences.  While some of her posts more closely define a blog, she has a separate tab called Travel Reflection that is more journalistic, consisting of her reflections on her traveling and life experiences. While she loves to travel the world, she also compares life to adventure.

As a travel enthusiast myself, I was immediately drawn to Walker's blog. Living and working in Rochester for most of my life, I long to leave the confines of my hometown to see what this big world has to offer. Yet, while I love trips, the thought of completely uprooting my life and leaving my family to start my own life, as I am currently considering, terrifies me.  So, when I came across Walker's post, Moving Day, A New Chapter and Lessons form Frat Boys, it was nice to read in black and white that somebody else out there experienced the same thoughts and experiences that I may experience.

In her post, Moving Day, A New Chapter and Lessons from Frat Boys, Walker is reflecting on leaving her home in South Carolina in order to start her new life in Oregon. Through writing about her experience, she comes to realize that while physical places may be temporary, family and home is forever. She realizes that moving is just another step in life, a new experience, a new adventure, and that while it may be hard to uproot your life  or start something new, you have to take the experience day by day.

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  1. Nice example; she presents an authentic voice and reflective passages.