Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh This Is The Part Where I Say Sorry?

In an era where we as a society go out of our way to be offended by everyone I am here to announce there is hope. That miracle is a blog run by a woman who in her own words sums up her philosophy perfectly, “I now live in the Midwest but have kept my sarcastic cynical Jersey attitude,” From hilarious parenting moments to random encounters only Michigan folks can have to  female insecurities this blog is crafted with an audience in mind but reads so much like a personal journal that it hits every note the reader needs. It feels personal, a vehicle of release for the writer but also as if the reader is sitting with a cup of coffee and chatting with the writer.

            The level of introspection on this blog is deep, there are constant questions (rhetorical and not) that ask us to examine ourselves as much as the writer is examining herself. There are highs and lows that are natural. Success and failure are juxtaposed so the blog doesn’t seem fake or superficial which is a huge win for me. I like to know other people are human and that I’m not the only one laughing so I don’t fall into soul crushing depression.

            As you can probably tell the writers voice is strong. She supplies a level of “real talk” that lends itself well to being a personal journal. There is no airs being put on and as a reader you get the sense that the way she writes is in fact the way she thinks and speaks.

            If you need a laugh check out her blog and if you don’t need a laugh then go anyway because you my friend are in denial.

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  1. You are right: she is aware of her audience. She does offer moments of reflection but do you find her voice authentic?