Monday, January 19, 2015


I thought finding a Blogger who journals would be hard. Then I thought a about a site named Tumblr that a lot of Bloggers use. I am not really into reading blogs but I do like watching vlogs on YouTube. One girl I watch in particular I watch, Raven Elyse, vlogs about her life as a college student. I found out that she also has a blog on Tumblr where she keeps a journal. Her journal is personal where she discusses things that are going on in her life. Her most recent blogs discuss her recent back up with her boyfriend. So you can say most if not all her content is personal. I think that her journal is effective because she is a young girl like myself in college who faces the same issues I do. I think her blogs can help other girls who maybe facing heart break or college, to make them feel that they are not alone. In her blogs she talk about life, love, and acceptance things that are a part of my life as well. When reading  Raven's blogs you see her developing self-awareness of who she is through her personal observations.

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