Monday, January 19, 2015

A Future Bum

Andy Lee Graham is a traveler who has and still inspires me today. i would like to travel just like him one day. It has always been one of my passion to travel all around the world, meet new people, eat every kind of food and experience new things. I was planning a trip to France a few years ago when i stubble upon this gem. It has all the places and fares, hotels and food i could try when i was there. Although i knew a lot about french culture, i was amaze by how much money and time i could save by following Andy's advice. That trip turned into an adventure. We went to Rome, Greece and Croatia.
His journal is informative and pleasant to read. He doesn't post as often as i would like him to but he feeds my traveling appetite.
He even went to my country last year and i couldn't stop laughing at all the obstacles he came upon.

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  1. Give some examples of personal reflection. What do you think this writer learns about himself?