Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 2 Prompt: Finding a Blogger Who Journals

I know that blogging is a new platform for many of you and that it may see a bit outdated since most of you use Twitter and other social medium platform. However, the platform continues to thrive since it gives anyone a chance to write and publish for free.

Blogging really started it all, and we can trace the origins of blogging to journaling.  Many early bloggers posted journal-type entries telling any reader who stumbled across his or her blog about himself or herself.

With media outlets, commercial companies, and professional bloggers entering the medium, blogging has undergone some changes but for the most part, bloggers still use the space to tell readers about themselves.  This unit we are testing the theory whether you can create and post diary-like entries that allow you to learn something about yourself in an online platform.  Instead of using a traditional hard cover journal, writers are taking to blogging and using the space to keeping a journal and/or diary that revolves around personal goals: analyzing, reflection, and growing.  Can a writer do this though if there is an audience?  When/If you write in a private, traditional journal is there a different dynamic at play? Has our notion of private changed?

PROMPT: This week, see if you can find a blogger who uses the space as a journal.  Create your own post and write a brief summary of the content. Include the link (embed in text by clicking on link in menu bar above) and provide some analysis on what makes this an effective journal/diary.  Make sure to review resources prior to posting so that you can incorporate key concepts from these materials.



    Esther Emery, who was once a playwright and is now a self-proclaimed runway, writes her blog “Church in the Canyon”. She now lives with her husband and three children in Idaho in the side of a mountain in a yurt that her husband built. (A yurt is a portable, bent dwelling that was originally lived in by Nomads in the steppes of Central Asia). I would say that her blog would qualify as a journal because she is often reflecting on every day situations and how she approaches them according to her values. Her blog would qualify as a personal and spiritual journal because she talks about her life in the canyon and the spiritual awakenings she has while living in nature. Her blog would also fit under a nature journal category because she writes about her experiences living far from electricity and civilization. She writes entries about what it is like to cook without electricity and live without electricity.

  2. Week 2: Rebel With A Cause
    Faiza Rammuny is an Arabic woman who persistently defies the status quo of her male run culture that uses religion to justify their patriarchal ways of life. As a woman in an Arab society it is very common for marriage to be the forefront of everyone’s concern; and an arranged marriage to be very common as well. In going against the idea of an arranged marriage, dressing in a way that would be considered scandalous in her community, and speaking up, Faiza has been labeled a rebel. To be called a rebel is a term that most Arab Muslim woman shy away from taking on. The word rebel is not used as a term of endearment, but is considered shameful and used to belittle another woman. Faiza narrates a time where ran into a gossip loving woman in her society, who used the term as means to degrade her and get her to change her ways. The woman commented on how she needs to stop dressing the way she does, or she would never find a good husband. She treated this “rebelling” of hers as phase that she needs to grow out of so that she could settle down. In a society that is very patriarchal, Faiza is living her life by her own rules and codes and embracing the title of being a rebel despite what anyone else has to say.
    I find her post to be an effective journal/diary because it tells us about the authors life. The perspective is from Faiza’s point of view, and in regards to her real-life experiences. Through her words the reader can get a glimpse into her life, culture, and views on marriage. I’ve learned that her culture is almost a mirror image of the one I live in, and that we deal with similar issues with the local gossips. In addition, in both her life, and mine, reputation is of the utmost importance.