Monday, January 26, 2015


      Hmmm. Would I burn I diaries after years of writing in them? I'm just not sure, or at least it depends on what is in them. I would imagine that I would only burn the diaries that focus on the sad or really depressing parts of my life, like Browning did with the diaries that covered her divorce. That I can certainly understand. I think I would choose to view it as a way to move on. I have written those negative feelings down, tucked them safely away between two distinct bindings and cover, and now I can permanently let them go. They can touch me anymore, they do not exist anymore.
     On the other hand, I certainly would not want to burn the ones that covered momentous moments in my life. My diaries that covered buying my first house, getting married, getting my first big boy job, having children - I would want to keep those forever. It would be fun to look back on those and see what exactly I was thinking back then, and even to see my own small memories or details that might have been forgotten. Those are the ones I would like my children to read, if they feel so inclined. It would be so touching to know that my grandchildren might read those some day, so that they might learn who there grandfather was and is. If they read them after I die too, that's okay. It would be one connection that I do not think could be broken.

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