Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week Three: Book Burning

This past week with my junior high students we talked about book burning. They didn't understand why people would light books on fire and not just throw them in the trash can. I explained that to burn a book means to permanently destroy the words written inside, that no one could ever find it and read it again. 

"But Miss Holly, couldn't they read it on the internet?" 

I had to laugh because this generation will never understand what it means to permanently destroy words. Everything they do is via text, the internet, etc. We have ingrained in them that everything they write on the internet can be traced back, that there is a digital record of everything they do. So to try to burn their Facebook or their blogs or Instagram photos is impossible. There will always be a trace of it somewhere. 

I have never burned a book or a journal or a personal diary. In fact, I love re-reading my personal journals that I would keep in spurts. I am not afraid of the past nor of anyone else reading those once hidden thoughts. I don't believe in secrets. When I write, I go into it knowing that any feelings or thoughts I make tangible could be seen or read by someone else. 

Like a secret, once you tell someone a secret, it's no longer a secret and you can't be surprised when others find out. 

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