Friday, January 23, 2015

Week Three: Private Diaries Destroyed

A diary is very confidential and contains secrets that are for your eyes only. When I was younger, I kept a diary with a lock on it and I wrote my feelings down and how I felt about certain events that happened in my life that I felt were better expressed through writing. I have always had a passion for writing so it became natural for me to confide in my journal versus another individual. Sometimes when I expressed certain feelings on major events I would find myself tearing the pages out a couple weeks later because I did not want anyone to read what I wrote.

The article that was assigned to read, Burning Your Diaries made me really think about burning a diary/journal versus just throwing it away maybe. It is something about the possibility of somebody finding your diary and reading it so it is better to destroy it. None of my secrets in my diary were ever that deep for me to burn them honestly. Therefore, I just used to throw them away instead. I think it is all about how deep and personal your diary is what factors in if you decide to burn it with fire.

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  1. Good point that we may pick and choose what we destroy based on certain factors.