Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome to English 209: Literary Self-Narrative

You may be wondering what this class is about.  This semester, we will be exploring and comparing three genres of self-narrative: journals/diary, memoir, and personal narrative.

To some degree, all writing is somewhat "personal" right?  You share insight into yourself by the words you choose, the stance you take, or perhaps the tone you use.

When we talk about self-narrative, however, we are talking about a category classified by certain features. What characteristics as far as writing do these categories have in common?

1). Use of "I" which refers to the writer not a character.
2). Describes the  writer's personal experience and offers reflection.
3). Creates a connection between writer and reader.

So what happens when we try to transfer these genres to an on line platform such as blogging?  This is what we will explore this semester.  Does our voice change? Can we write purely and honestly about ourselves when we know the moment we hit "publish" that 0 or  1,000 readers might find our words? 

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