Monday, February 9, 2015

Memoir Review

“To Own a Dragon” is a favorite memoir of mine. It is a series of entries (journal entries perhaps) by Donald Miller, chronicling his growing up fatherless. He uses the memoir to explain how he accomplished growing up without a father and how his faith in God acted as a substitute. The book does an excellent job at giving the reader a sense of how Miller specifically handled the adversity associated with growing up without a father. It chronicles the mentors he had, as well as how God acted as his “father.” Although the book does sit in the realm of religion, it still provides excellent narrative and is a quality read for anyone with an open mind. It is not “preachy” and intertwines compelling stories with telling information.

Personally, having grown up with divorced parents (and living with my mother). The piece was a great guide. It is a piece of writing that seems to guide the reader into learning their own lesson while reading about the lessons the author learned. The specific lesson I walked away from the memoir with, was that even though your family structure may not be the “typical” form, most peoples aren’t and there are ways to learn everything you need to through support from the family you do have.

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