Saturday, February 7, 2015

Post 3: Caramel's Memoir

I am currently reading this book in my English class and I am just about done reading it. The book focuses on Mexican-American culture that relates between the author and the main character she writes about. For example, the author, Sandra Cisneros relates the story to he life as far as her relationship with her parents, living in Chicago, and how her family acted together.
The main focus revolves around how Latino culture is so very different from mine in relation. As far as marriage, family rules, and sexual reference just the main problems in this book. Their way of living as described in the book as something that I could only imagine and not actually living that way as a family. In the book, the whole family is always together unless their is falling out but spending that much time together would lead to problems because they all face personal issues, especially the main character Lala. Everybody needs their space and the characters had constant distractions.
The story is very interesting and entertaining. There are many lessons throughout the book which mainly focuses on family values and decisions based on love. This book was always a scenario about choosing a side between 2 people you love so there are decisions to be made. A story that many can people find at least one part to relate to.


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  2. Whoops, I think this is a novel instead of a memoir.