Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The scar tissue of Anthony Kiedis.

ScarTissue is the memoir of Anthony Kiedis and his misadventures from Grand Rapids Michigan to Los Angeles California, and from all over the world. From the beginning Kiedis dives into his childhood memories and brings forth the tales of how he was raised and how it affected him. In Kiedis’s early days of being a tiny toddler is when he was introduce to drugs. His Dad John Kiedis brought him into the drug world with pot at the age of three by blowing smoke into his face. His Dad was not the most idea father but that was Kiedis’s guide in life. Following through his childhood of a broken family, with his parents divorced and separated between Michigan and California. Kiedis spent a majority of his life out California with his dad. His Dad introduced Kiedis to many things at a young age. When Kiedis was thirteen, his father allowed him to have sex with his girlfriend. During that time of adolescence comes the rebellious teen phase, where Kiedis had begun to get into many fights with his dad. Eventually he was kicked out the house for calling his dad a faggot when he would dress as women characters for his acting roles. From here Kiedis lived with a family friend while he went to high school. While attending high school he made friends with most of the misfits and wrote poetry. Kiedis did quite well in English class because of it. While in High school he met the lovable Michael Peter Balzary otherwise known as Flea, the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This two where partners in crime as they jumped off of hotel roof tops into pools, skated around LA and experimented with many drugs. Once high school ended the two would meet Jack Irons and Hillel Solvak the original drummer and guitarist for the Chili Peppers; together they would play shows around the shady areas of LA. Mostly at strip clubs and other venues with a similar atmosphere as they would go on stage naked half the time to stand out from other acts. After their first album Red Hot Chili Peppers was released the public started to take notice. It was not until their second album Freak Style is when they became famous. Unfortunately, this was around the time when Kiedis became a slave to heroine. Kiedis continuously missed shows and blew off band practice for a syringe of his favorite poison. This resulted in Flea, his best friend, kicking him out of the band so they can progress. Torn by this news, Kiedis realized that he had to kick this habit and moved back to Grand Rapids Michigan to give sobriety a shot. While living with his mom he had the support he needed to remove himself from all drugs, and while he was taking better care of himself he saw that Freaky Style had received the Silver award from BPI. With seeing this he received a call from Flea, and after they talked Kiedis was allowed to return to the Chili Peppers. During his time back they continued to play and write music, which led to the album The Uplift MOFO Party Plan as well as Mothers Milk. The album carried the song Fight like a Brave, a song that sent a message to people telling them to avoid hard drugs. Although this all seemed fine and well, Kiedis began to feel lonesome during the creation of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, because of his sobriety, he could not par take in the drugs that his band where using and felt left out. This led to their number one hit song Under the Bridge where it was a poem about how the only things that cared for him was his girlfriend at the time and the city of LA. It was around this time when Kiedis had fallen back into his addiction of heroin. From here on out his memoir revolves around his addiction with heroin and how has recovered and fallen back into it.

When I first read this 450 page memoir back in high school it gave me a new perspective. The question constantly arose “What is the point of living if you spend your days trapped inside only working or studying?” (Not the best influence for a high school kid)   Though his memoir I have learned that it is okay to take risk and see where it takes. Whatever the consequences are they are worth it. The anxiety of what if I get in trouble faded away.

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  1. Sounds like a story that offers readers a new lesson after each read to the book.