Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Secret of the Mysterious Letters

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  1. Strengths: The opening sentence of your memoir really drew me into reading what you had to write about. Also, the description you used within your first paragraph really made me feel like I was with you reading those Nancy Drew books under the dim 1970s light. You were also very relatable. I remember being young and hoping for a mystery, listening to the creeks of the house and waiting for some adventure to pop out at me. Thank you for bringing that memory back to me! You also did a great job of giving the perfect amount of back-story to Little Grandma. I feel like I really got to know her. You paid great attention to detail and that added a lot to your story.

    Weakness: You left me wanting to know more!

    I really enjoyed reading your memoir. Have you ever thought of writing a "fiction" about your great grandmothers experiences? I would read it!

  2. Your story started off so good and captured my attention right away! I was ready to read more and excited for what was going to happen next.
    Strengths: Great introduction, Good points and details and you left wanting the reader wanting more. There is no weaknesses in my opinion. This was a great memoir overall!

  3. Thank you so very much for your kind words! Yes, I have been working on a book for many years now. It is a marriage of memoir and fiction. I am hoping that the work I do in this class will finally bring my book to fruition! Your feedback means more to me than you know. Thank you again.

  4. Nice job developing voice, point of view, and story elements in the story. You really have something here - keep writing!