Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 5: Community Blog Post #3: A Meaningful Memoir Theme

            After looking through the blog entries that were created by a blogger named Jenny at the blog address, I have discovered that she has written a post that reads very much like a memoir.  Her post from July 2014 entitled “Stepmom” chronicles her experiences in helping to raise her husband’s two children from a previous relationship.  According to this week’s lecture, there are differences between a memoir and an autobiography.  Instead of focusing on the entirety of her life, as an autobiography would, Jenny focuses on one aspect of her life to write a blog post about and this is comparable to a memoir.  

            This blog post is very reminiscent of a memoir to me because it talks about the experience of being a stepmother and how this has affected the emotions and feelings of the blogger.  For example, Jenny explains the difficulties that she has found come along with being a stepmother.  In her blog post, she mentions that as a stepmother “you don't have the unconditional love of the child you've known since she squeaked in your arms moments after birth.   You don't have the child who wants to curl up in your lap or have special mama/daughter time with you.”  This is an excellent example of an effective memoir because it displays an authentic voice that resonates with readers as something that they may be able to relate to.  

            In addition, this blog post reminds me of a memoir because it has a theme (the experience of being a stepmother and the relationship the blogger has with her stepchildren).  This blog post also explores events that are centered on, and revolve around, the theme and shows how they are relevant.  For example, Jenny talks about how her summer was spent with her stepdaughter when she says “we had playdates with her favorite Texas friends, sleepovers and a trip to the water park.  We took one friend and the three of our younger ones to a cabin on Possum Kingdom lake for a week and have a blast.  At the end, she rated the summer a 9 out of 10.  We had our bumps in the road, but in the end, it was a great summer.”  This is showing how possible it is to share an experience centered around a theme (a characteristic of a memoir), such as being a stepmother and detailing the events that took place over a specific time period, like the summer.

            Showing many key components of a memoir, this blog post proves that it is very possible to write an effective account of a life experience, or an event that is centered on an overall theme.  Jenny’s relationship with her stepchildren, as well as the specific events that she experiences with them, are the main focus of this blog post.  This theme can be relatable to readers who may also be a part of a blended family, or it may be a great piece for anyone to read in order to gain a greater appreciation for the importance of family values.  That is what I learned as a reader and took away from this blog post that is so similar to a memoir: how precious family time is and how that is no different in a blended family than it is in any other family.  

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  1. This does work well as a memoir example; both writer and reader can learn something through the post.