Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 5: Favorite Memoir

Andy Cohen’s Most Talkative gives you everything that you want: his back story, more hilarious comments from his outspoken mother, how he got started in in journalism, his experiences in romance, and OF COURSE all the scoop on the Real Housewives

Andy’s debut book begins with his first meeting with his queen, Susan Lucci. Here he tricks her into an interview/date that he promised would be on the front page of his college paper, which he lied about. His dream comes true as he pesters her with questions about All My Children, and everything that it is to be the Susan Lucci. His memoir then proceeds to backtrack to his bar mitzvah, and his angsty teen years before college. College is a whirlwind of experiences where he comes out to his parents, and his college roommate. After college he has his first great love with an Italian man who, of course, does not speak any English, and then comes home to start his life as an intern at CBS. He moved up the ranks until he eventually landed a job at Bravo. From here on out Andy discusses the birth of the network we now know and love, and shares the dirt on Housewives reunions and filming. 

Although it was marketed as a comedic memoir, I learned a lot about Andy, and some pretty serious stuff too. As a gay man who watches Andy’s show Watch What Happens Live! every night, it was a privilege to hear about how he cam out to his parents. Andy is a very funny man, so it was nice to hear him be very real and raw about that time. I also learned how passionate he is for entertainment and journalism. Like most memoirs, Andy’s shed light on the man we don’t get to see in the half hour that we have with him every night. However, in his memoir we see him lose love and come to his highest highs. In short, Andy’s memoir shows him as a real, almost normal man. His memoir breaks the fourth wall and allows the reader to see him as an average guy who happens to live an extraordinary life.

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  1. I have read the David Sedaris books not Cohen. Nice review.