Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 5: Post #3 Memior Review: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wells

I haven’t read many memoirs but, from the few that I have The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wells comes to mind. I remember reading the memoir my freshman year at Oakland in my WRT 150 class. The memoir Wells shares the story of her rough upbringing.  Growing up with her dysfunctional parents    and three siblings, Wells endures being burn by a hot stove at the age of two to having to constantly move because neither one of her parents can keep stable employment. Wells decided to write this memoir after passing her homeless mother digging in a trash can. I enjoyed this memoir so much because of Wells honesty. Throughout the novel with every chapter you relate to Wells even more.
                In the memoir Wells talks about how her family had to constantly move because her parents could not financial take care of a household. I could relate to her that part in story because I experience a similar situation. My mother, sister, and I moved from California when I was just 8 years old. When my mom moved to Michigan she had no job so we had to live with different family members until she got on her feet.  Through all the hardships that Wells endured growing up she was able to lead a productive life.  She grew up in such peculiar situations but she did not allow it to make her a product of her environment. From her novel one can learn that you don’t have to “be” or parents, that every person holds the fate to their own live. Despite her parent’s socioeconomic status was still able to become successful, like the saying says “pulling yourself up by your boot straps”. Wells is an inspiration to people because she shows what the perseverance really means.

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