Monday, March 30, 2015

Build Your Dream Home - Community Blog Post #4

Your dream home might not be what you always thought it was...

The Tiny House blog was established to promote simplifying our very complicated lives in modern society. It does this by showcasing a way of life that involves VERY small living quarters. Its Facebook page describes it as:

"The Tiny House Blog is a place where you will learn about people living well in a small space and see many tiny houses..."
In the blog, we see various individuals and couples downsizing to VERY small spaces. Often, they are mobile trailers that are not more than a few feet by a few feet. Sometimes, they are on the water or set back in the woods. 

The founder, Kent Griswold, wanted to showcase the simplicity of a small home or cabin. He posts daily, and after being established in 2007, his blog has grown tremendously. The Tiny House Blog now has a full staff, a magazine, and they even offer workshops - to learn how to build your own 'tiny house'.

One thing I really love is that a reader can peruse the various blog posts, and then in turn, purchase building plans to their own 'tiny house' from the blog site (the magic of PayPal sometimes). It's a call to action. If someone's interest was perked fro mthis website, and they then see that there are workshops on how to build a small home. And there are blueprints that take care of the 'what' to build. It makes The Tiny House Blog a total source for its movement - from start to finish.

Check out The Tiny House Blog:

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  1. I have see articles on these tiny houses. I don't know how people would fit their 60" tvs in them, but I am sold on the idea.