Sunday, March 29, 2015

Community Blog Post #4: Blog of Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) maintains a blog called Blog of Rights, a news site/blog hybrid which harnesses the power of social media to get pertinent news stories about current events and rights violations to a broader audience. It is written by numerous authors and presents a variety of human rights issues such as workplace gender inequality,  police body cameras, and privacy issues at stake with government drones - and thats just the first page! They have a vast collection which is able to be searched by topic, or by how popular or commented on the post is. By imbedding links to share these stories on different social media platforms, it makes involvement easier for the reader by reducing the amount of effort taken to participate. The prominence of the ACLU contributes to their Ethos, their articles are all very well researched as if they were news articles, which contributes to their Logos. Pathos is a little less prevalent because I think they aren't trying to fill it with sensational language, but especially in emotional topics pathos sneaks in.

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