Saturday, March 28, 2015

Community Blog Post 4: Persuasive Blogs

Persuading people, despite useful tactics, is an art form. It requires practice and patience. It requires ingenuity and authority. For these reasons, blogs are a perfect platform for activists. They allow authors to explore his or her own ideas, thoughts, musings, opinions, etc, while still remaining credible and authoritative with the accessories of linking to credible sources to back up their ideas. In addition to linking to other sources, bloggers can implement into their posts pictures, graphs, charts, statistics and other media to back up their points, or act as persuasive techniques.

Duncan Green's blog, From Poverty to Power exemplifies the above notions. Committed to raising conversation about global issues, the blog medium allows Green to reflect on his personal thoughts about global issues, while remaining authoritative by discussing current issues and including graphs, pictures and  links to stories where these issues are already discussed. Through blogging about global issues, Green is able to remain authoritative while still being able to reflect upon his own questions and thoughts about what the world is experiencing.

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  1. This blogger covers a number of topics, but he has a credible voice and appears motivational on many levels.