Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 11: Find a Blog

In my efforts to find a blog post that inspires motivation and change within its readers, I simply googled "Blog for change," and what I found was exactly what I was looking for. is full of articles and book recommendations and personal stories and accounts for how people have changed and bettered their lives.

Many people who find themselves unhappy may look to the internet for answers, it is sites like these that they willingly stumble upon to move their lives in a different direction. This blog uses quite a few strategies to convince its readers that change is what is right.

For starters, this blog uses pathos. By appealing to readers feelings by using personal stories and accounts of how taking simple steps someone changed their life, not only does it imply ethos, because a personal account often equals credibility, but it allows readers to feel an emotional connection to this person. Not only those two elements, but logos also come into play as the glue, without the logic of how these strategies work to change peoples lives, there would be no legitimate evidence that these people are on their way to better lives.

For example:

This short article lists in 6 ways how to "keep going during tough times"

I think that the most effective part of this article is that it is not long and wordy, it is a list, making it easier for readers to engage because it is less of a commitment than reading a 6 page article. 

The site also has a list of books and novels that one could purchase, giving readers options and knowledge of what is out there. 

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