Sunday, March 29, 2015

Community Blog Post #4

            Brian Lucchesi writes the Wellnesshero blog. The particle blog I have linked you to is about the importance of water. His arguments is that supporting clean optimal water is vital to your health. His goal is to educate the human race about the importance of keeping water unpolluted. The goal of this blog post is to share, introduce, connect and stay connected in the name of clean water. His call to action starts by asking his readers to meditate. He believes that if she shares his actions (attempting to preserve the cleanliness of water and sharing his world) that he will inspire others to do the same. He is using the strategy of consensus. The strategy of consensus is the idea that people will look to the behaviors of others to determine their own. If he can share his ideas and actions with his bloggers he hopes that his readers will follow his behavior.  He then leaves a video requesting support from members from the Rochester New York area to gather on March 22, 2015 to celebrate world water day.

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