Sunday, March 29, 2015

Community Blog Post #4


"I started the Syrian Revolution Digest to prevent the destruction and demise of my country, not to chronicle it."

I really liked how forward Ammar Abdulhamid was in his blog postings. In the most recent one from June 2013, he wrote that his purpose was to keep the public informed on what was happening in Syria and also to inform and persuade European and American Leaders to help.  "I hoped that their timely intervention would prevent the transformation of the peaceful protest movement into an armed insurrection paving the way to a civil war. I have obviously failed."

Abdulhamid uses the strategies of logos and pathos. He appeals both logically and emotionally. He uses straight facts about the killings in Syria and presents what is really happening in the country. He also writes that he has the support of President Clinton but not President Obama and states that his pleas are being ignored by him. 

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