Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Community Blog post #5: Critique them memoirs!

For Facebook Message, To Meet, To Engagement
The memoir is definitely one for the modern day. They knew of each other through a friend and used texting, social media sites, and video chats to keep in good communication with each other. This story can relate to a modern day audience especially with online dating and long distance relationships becoming a more common occurrence.
I found that the author has a very strong and clear writing style it was if he was telling me this in person.  His sentence structure makes it very easy to visualize and indulge into the setting of the story. On the contrary, while the story was very feel good it was lacking the stress and tolls it takes on individual when being in a long distance relationship. I would have liked to of heard of difficulties that the author had to deal with while being away from a loved one for so long. Overall, the memoir was well written and the author voice is authentic; it appeals to a modern day audience with online dating and long distance relationships becoming more popular. However, it would be even more so if he brought up issues that come with being in a long term relationship. What one can learn from this is that it long distance relationships can be and are successful. It takes patience, effort, and creativity, (in terms of keeping in good communication with the other.) but it is possible.
For …When You Least Expect It
The memoir easily relates to a student audience. The question of what am I going to do for the rest of my life is a daunting question for all students.( I personally changed my major about 7 times) It is definitely something that takes a lot of thought and effort to figure out.

I liked how the author discussed effect of how others help determine our career path. Whether, it is our parents who wish us to go into a stable high paying field such as medicine; or our academic adviser who lead us into the direction of finding our passion. These individuals are important when making a tough decision such as this and we should not take their advice for granite. However, the author talks about how happy he is that he decided on his major but does not officially tell the audience of what his decided major is. He hints at a career in advertising and promotion but does not go in depth about it. Overall, the memoir is pretty good. The author easily connects with a student audience, which can help shed some light on who to turn to when making a decision like this. However the author is a few details short of what would make this story complete. I think many students and learn from this read as it lends advice to those freshmen who are still deciding their major.

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