Monday, March 30, 2015

Community blog post #6: Vaccination

International Medical Council on Vaccination a blog that talks about the benefit of vaccines and and how they work. They have articles about many vaccines and how it was developed. They also have doctor or physicians talk about vaccines. There are many complains on how vaccines slows the growth of a child and how they get sick after a vaccine. According to C.G a commenter "My son has been fully vaccinated until 18 months…now he is having major speech delays. I, of course, regret this & am greatly worried..."(1). There are many factors that play into a delay speech in a toddler. And she didn't gave enough information as to what environment her son lives in. Now parents look for many ways to blame the vaccines and manufactures for anything that happens to there child. Maybe it's an emotional problem. Yes, kids do have emotions.

Many people are skeptical about vaccines and that's OK because many fear what they don't understand, it's human nature. However, in Africa Special west Africa we are offered free vaccines from polio to Hepatitis. Most parents encourage us to go and get it at a certain age because polio has done some brutal killings from a few decades ago. So we take them, I have at least been to any free vaccines every year since the age of 11 because I didn't have luxury to think about what the protestors against those vaccines were talking about. I have also lost a friend to Tetanus in the year of 2000 because his parents were against any modern medicines. The fact that parents don't know the dangers their kids live in now is frustrating. We probably have more virus and bacterial today than we did a few year ago and that's something to consider. Just because your parents didn't get vaccinated and are still healthy is the solution to every problem. We have different immune system and I'm sure many know but they don't know what it means. With new bacterial comes an antibiotic, with a new virus comes a cure or way to get a cure. And this site is there to educate people about it. When you  do your research you know what is right and wrong.

I have learned many things from this site and I hope people read about vaccines and get vaccinated. This blog talks about all kinds of problem that comes with vaccinating (if any at all) and living without vaccines in children or adults.  They encourage vaccination and the benefit of it.

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