Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Community blog post 7

Humanity needs more faith in nature. 

Over time, man has lost touch with the way of things. Hunters and gatherers, self-reliance was the way. Nowadays, we rely on chemical injected food and grocery stores. Poorly treated animals and screens on electronics.

What ever happened to the thrill of the kill? A fair fight between beasts? Is man devolving? What will happen when the world turns back and we must rely once again on ourselves?

The earth grows our food and products for housing. As we grow, we die, and when we die, we return to the earth and create more growth for the plants and creatures of the world.

Here is a blog I run on a book written on nature. Many of the quotes I find create an enlightened thought storm in my mind.


If human had more faith in humanity, then animals and plants would not be going extinct at such an alarming rate. We would do the easy tasks of polluting less and perhaps even finding more peace of mind.

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