Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Community Post #4: Stories and motivation.

Motivation is what helps us drive ourselves onward in accomplishing our goals or attempting something new. Joe Grant has his blog around his experiences of being a runner and the adventures that it has led to. Many people, especially in the modern day, are more concerned about exercise and living a healthy life style. Many of those people give it a shot and they usually try running as it is the most popular and effective exercise. The problem is that people will loose motivation and crumble under the pressure of "I have to live this certain way or I'll go back to being unhealthy." that is the type of mind set is what sets us back. People look at an exercise like running and view it as a chore and a pain. This is where Grant inspires people. In his blog he writes about his adventures and what he experiences. Not just on a surface level, but on a deeper level. He hits his crowd with pathos and he describes not only the joys of his adventures but the endeavors as well. He goes into depth of the challenges and writes himself to relate to new comers, which shows that this lifestyle is possible to become a part of. The more you run and explore the more adventures you will have.

His blog uses both ethos and pathos to draw his crowd in. It is through his writing style that one can see that he is using some of the principals of persuasion to get his audience active. The first one being likable. He relates himself to the crowd by not bragging about his running adventures but by talking about the challenges he faced while running through this places. This is followed by the authority principal. He has many stories of his running  lifestyle and in his blog he has extravagant photos of the places he has been as well as the people he has met. The stories of his adventures and evidence of his photos enhances his ethos. The last principal I noticed in his blog was consensus. He has meet a lot of people through running and it shows how large the community is, which proves that running is for everyone. If everyone can do it the only stopping you from engaging in this lifestyle is yourself. Reading his stories and seeing what experiences they led to is not only motivational, it is inspirational.


  1. I hyper linked the authors name "Joe Grant" to his blog.

  2. Nice choice; he is both motivational and persuasive in his posts.