Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elle Sommer - "Live Purposefully Now" Blog

Many of us are distracted by the ups and downs of everyday life and often wonder what we could be doing to make our lives better. We often put tons of pressure on ourselves trying to perfect all that we do. Sometimes even without aiming to do so, we drive ourselves crazy pointing out our personal flaws. These same negative influences that we create and bring upon ourselves, can cause us to lose sight of the beauty that is before us as well as force us to want more, when we should be thankful for things we have.

Elle Sommer uses her blog as a means to inspire and reach people all over and share her thoughts and testimonies as to how she lives a happier life. Her blogs are inspiring and forces one to take a look into their own life and bring about a change within, that can in return change your circumstance. Some of the motivational strategies Elle Sommer uses include:
  • Sincerity, the way she connects to her readers allows for you to understand the point she is aiming to get across.
  • Citing, in every post she quotes something inspirational, that sets you up for what she about to reflect on.
  • Wisdom, she speaks as if she has live a long time, made mistakes and has learn from them.
  • Images, every post includes an image of the overall concept of her post.
"Live Purposefully Now" inspires one to take action in their personally lives as a means to gaining hope, self-confidence, wisdom and a fearless mindset to obtain what you want. Elle Sommer pushes you to believe in yourself again and not fall into depression or live with an "I can't" mentality. The above link will take you to her post, hopes it inspires you.

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