Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fighting the Good Fight

Week 11: Community Blog Post # 4

By the title it is easy to see what this website is about. Amanda and Kate (the main writers) are both highly qualified individuals who write about a variety of injustices in the world. There is a heavy focus on American Foreign Policy and topics with the turbulent Middle East. What makes this website different however is its easy digestibility for the layman reader. Kate and Amanda have a level of snark that lends perfectly to their arguments..don't believe me just check out their FAQ page and be prepared to cackle.

As for motivational strategies they employ a variety as vast as their topics. Obviously both Amanda and Kate have the authority to speak on such topics because of their experience as human rights attorneys, as well as their degrees in political science and conflict development. These ladies aren't just teen social activists throwing their new found superiority around. They also are not bland which one would think they would be because of their experience, instead they position themselves with the rest of us sarcastic Daria-esque humans and make the reader comfortable. Also within each blog post they provide links to the specific arguments they are making or the issues that are going on in the world so you don't have to take their word for it that these things are in fact happening.

These writers are also very clear about the fact that these are their opinions and are upfront about their often offbeat humor. So join the fight!

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