Sunday, March 1, 2015

Memoir: The First Night We Met

     I walked into the Tavern with many expectations in my mind, but that did not stop me from primping myself for an hour before heading up to meet him. My cousin had told me about him a few months before and I had decided he was not my type. There was no way I would date a 27 year old man that was into video games and had no hair on the top of his head, but here I was anyways, three months later meeting him at Danielle’s 27th birthday party.
            I find Danielle sitting with a group of friends, hug her, and wish her a happy birthday. I glance over and there he obviously is, bald as can be with a goatee. It is a dark blonde with a bit of red in it. My first thought, “Maybe we can make ginger babies one day”. He is wearing a blue button up shirt with a black skinny tie; it looks like he spent some time getting ready to meet me too. I sit down at the table with two people in between us. I introduce myself and make sure to keep eye contact. That is my only flirting trick, eye contact. He keeps eye contact with me and I can tell he took the bate. As I wait for my drink to arrive I make sure to not give him too much attention and make conversation with the other gentleman at the table. (Okay I guess I had two flirting tricks up my sleeve, eye contact and ignoring him).
            After I finish my first drink the group decides to go to a bar up the road. It is here that our interaction really started to heat up. I made him buy me a long island so I could get my buzz on so I could ask him to dance to the ridiculous music that was playing (that popular hip hop crap). We got out onto the dance floor and only danced for a song or two when we bot confessed that we hated dancing. Then we decided to go out to his car for a breath of fresh air. I could tell he was excited to show me his convertible. It was an ice blue Mitsubishi (He says it was silver). That did not earn points in my book since I like buying American made cares, but I let that pass. I mean hey, he didn’t like dancing either.
     Maybe it was the fresh air, the horrible dancing or maybe the alcohol but it was out there that we shared our first kiss. I must confess it was a little bit of a sloppy first kiss, but we both seemed to be feeling it. He pushed me up against his foreign car and grabbed my waist. I felt him pressing up against me as we kissed when my friend walked up, “Hey it looks like its getting a little too hot in heavy out here in the parking lot,”. Our first kiss was interrupted but it was still a kiss that eventually had us both coming back for more.
     We went back inside and decided that we wanted to see more of each other. We planned our first date for nine days later. We were going to go to the Renaissance Festival. Little did we know that that would be the first date of many. 


  1. Hello, I think you story is very cute actually. It almost sounded like a fairy tale and you seem very honest in telling your story.
    Strengths: You keep your details and straight to the point. Also, you remain simple with your word choices and honest.
    Weaknesses: It could have been a little longer and a few grammar issues but other then that, great job!

  2. I enjoyed reading your memoir about finding your significant other. I also liked that you kept me engaged in your story from beginning to end. The only bad in your piece were a few grammar issues. The strengths of your memoir was that your story was exciting and intriguing. I also thought that you were very detailed in your writing which is a good thing. Your picture also allowed for a reader to get a sense of where the story took place which was another good tactic. I also liked your used of dialogue, granted there was not a lot of dialogue but you made good use of it. One can learn from your memoir that it is ok to do something outside of your norm and I feel this piece is universal because it can relate to anyone who is dating or who has found their mate.

  3. Some nice elements of storytelling in this memoir; see if you can develop certain aspects even more in order to make the experience of reading more cathartic for your reader.