Monday, March 9, 2015

Memoir Reviews

Memoir Review: And Then There Was Sunshine

This memoir is fun and easy to read! The topic is relatable to most people whether you have experience in athletics or not. Everyone has been in a situation of having to conquer something you’re not very excited about doing. The voice used is simple but engaging, and I believe the detail on the inner thoughts of the writer made this really engaging to read. I also think the resolution at the end left me satisfied as a reader. It let me know why the writer was writing about this specific topic.

Facebook Message, to Meeting, to Engagement

This memoir was incredibly engaging. I think this was an exciting memoir because the writer gives us a loft personal information in a brave way but with a casual voice so that it doesn’t interfere with the story. I felt like I got to know the author by reading this. The large amount of people reference sometimes bogged down the flow of the writing but not in any drastic manner! Great job!

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