Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Taking Action

The greatest motivational strategy for the AutismSpeaks Blog is its location, a part of their highly recognized website.  With April, Autism Awareness Month just days away this blog captures the hearts of anyone who visits.  Appealing to the readers emotions (pathos) Autism Speaks joins the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, but why?  As they provide information on the statistics of children with autism going missing and the needed awareness to find them or to prevent the wandering, they have links throughout to provide the reader with even more information.  This is their evidence, or logos.  In order to keep so many children safe Autism Speaks has created organizations such as Project Lifesaver and Alliance of Guardian Angels.  This provides credibility (ethos) as Autism Speaks is not only appealing to the authority needed to make such projects happen successfully but they have the community and people with autism in their best interest and possess a great deal of knowledge about people directly and indirectly affected by autism.

One scroll down this blog and there are two other major events happening, an Autism Walk and Light It Up Blue.  With every entry Autism Speaks successfully apply quick and obvious links to show the reader how they can be involved at any level they are comfortable with.  This includes an entry titled “Ten Ways to Reach Out to the AutismCommunity.”

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