Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 12 Post 7

Words That Change Minds Can Change Lives

It is very hard to understand the mind of someone who does not like to discuss their thoughts. I have had an incredibly difficult time throughout my entire life articulating my true feelings. My voice shakes, my palms sweat, I can't ever seem to find the right words. And even when I do find the right words, once they are said, they vanish into thin air. Lending my thoughts and ideas to those who do not appreciate them is scary and unsettling. I cringe at the thought of my thoughts going undervalued. And so I write.

Benita makes some very strong points -- words can change minds. 

We must not undervalue the impact our words can have on the minds that they reach. Whether it be textbooks, which are mostly known as boring and docile, the right words can change the tone and audience they reach. I have found great pleasure in reading textbooks that dig deeper than just information. 

Words in novels, the way they flow, the images they create in the minds of those who glaze over them with purpose. The malleability of words, our ability to relate words that were meant for someone or something else to ourselves. 

This is why I write, and this is why I encourage you to write.

Write a note to someone you love, write words of encouragement to those going through a tough time, write down your favorite quote and put it on the wall. Use your imagination, take your ideas and put them down on a notepad. Do not undervalue what your mind can do, do not belittle the impact words can have. 

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