Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 8: Community Blog Post #5: Critique Two Memoirs

A Tough Situation at a Young Age Made Me Stronger By Dynamic Views 

I enjoyed reading your memoir because it was similar to mine. I like how you shared a background story while also recalling specific events that happened. I personally found it hard to let go and share personal events. I think you did an exceptional job at allowing the reader to understand this event in your life and how it effected you. One thing in particular I liked about your memoir is that even though you choose a heavier topic there was a positive ending. I enjoyed how you asked question throughout your memoir.  By asking questions you allowed the reader to think about what was being said in your piece.

One suggested that I would give is to use A little more detail while sharing your story. My topic was similar to your so I understand how challenging it was for you to share that part of your life that was so personal. Adding  more detail will have allowed for the reader to have a better visual image than the one you created. I think that the element  of imagery would add I different feel to the piece. I think your memoir has universal appeal because  your situation is relate able.There are a lot of kids who grow up with one parent or step parents. Sharing your experience can help someone younger than you cop with the absence of a parent. I think you memoir shows how a person can be resilient, you did not let your situation define you.  Overall, I think you did a great job capturing a specific moment in your life.

A True Moment of Happiness by Miranda Brenner 

 I enjoyed your memoir because I have recently decided I want to take up baking. I liked reading your memoir because I could feel that you have a true passion for what you do. I like how the whole memoir came full circle at the end. You mentioned how you've always wanted to be a puff pastry chef as a child. It's inspiring that you grew up and made your dreams reality. I like how through the piece you take the reader through the journey of becoming a chef. I like how vivid your detail was and how you were able to tie different ides together. 

One suggestion I would give would be to add some specific experiences. Do you have any funny memories about first learning your craft? For example, you mentioned that you love the reactions from kids once they have you pastries. Do you have any memorable children you've met? I think by adding a few personal experiences will allow the reader to really understand the life of a pastry chef. I think your memoir universal appeal because it shows where determination can take a person. You had a dream when you where younger and you did not stop until it cam true. I think the message through your memoir is perseverance. has Overall, I enjoyed your memoir. Now I'm more excited to learn how to bake!

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