Friday, March 27, 2015

Week Eleven: Love-Nourish-Preach

These days, when finding time for ones-self is becoming increasingly difficult, blogger Rachel Lapchak sticks to three easy steps to remember: love, nourish, and preach.

Rachel runs the blog "Love-Nourish-Preach." Her goal is to encourage and inspire her readers to take charge of their lives and do what makes them happy.  The blog consists of inspirational and motivational topics based on Rachel's life experiences, easy-to-follow healthy food recipes for any type of meal, and constant reminders to stay positive and happy.

Rachel's advice is always simple: 1) Love yourself, 2) Nourish yourself with healthy, yet good tasting foods, and 3) Preach positivity to yourself and those around you.

Some motivational strategies that Rachel uses are meaningful quotes, challenges to stay healthy and positive, and life anecdotes that allow her readers to connect with her on a real-life basis. She really emphasis the simplicity of her recipes and the long-term benefits that they hold. She makes the blog fun and often interacts with her readers-- furthering her motivational reach to beyond just blog posts.

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  1. Nice message; simple, but worth remembering daily.