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Swing for Autism Helps Give Voice

The Swing for Autism event began in 2004 as the CCFA Golf Classic, helping those with Crohn’s and Colitis.  My husband was diagnosed with Colitis and then pre-cancerous cells that began this fight.  In 2011 our son was diagnosed with autism which changed our efforts for his needs and the needs of all kids and families affected. 

We fight to protect, we fight to give, we fight to educate, we fight for life, we fight for inclusion.

Support Autism awareness through the Swing for Autism Charity Golf Classic.  This event provides many ways in which people can show their support.  You can golf, volunteer in several capacities, participate in the dinner, silent auction, buy raffle tickets, donate raffle giveaways, hand out flyers, pass the word any which way you like.  Money is not needed to support, simply talking about it or re-tweeting the information is more than appreciated.

The Swing for Autism event supports a local school district build sensory rooms.  These sensory rooms may be needed for children with autism as breaks to refocus, almost like pushing a reset button, but all children have days when they feel overwhelmed and need a quiet soothing location to go for calming or to exert all their extra energy.  Sensory breaks are needed for children with autism to have successful days in school.

Swing for Autism supports the Autism Alliance of Michigan.  They provide amazing support to improve the lives of those who are living with autism.  Through anti-bullying campaigns, advocacy to aide in the education all of our kids have the right to, pairing up with community businesses to help adults with autism gain employment, providing awareness and education on autism and the safety needs to the community as well as the police, fire departments and EMS.

The 2013-2014 Relentless Tour: Ianni Project is a first of its kind initiative designed to help eradicate bullying across the state of Michigan.

You may be wondering why all these things are needed.  Therapy for Autism was not a covered benefit until 2012.  For the fastest growing disability it is widely misunderstood.  Children with autism frequently wander; some have died by car accidents because of this. Children have died in schools by the seclusion and restraints the teachers have placed upon them and it’s still currently happening today.  

Mother of student restrained at Pueblo school awarded $2.2M

5:09 AM, Mar 27, 2015

Businesses are afraid to opt in to the autism benefit because the state hasn’t made it clear it’s of no extra cost to them.  Autism Alliance of Michigan fights the good fight to educate employers and government officials to keep bettering the laws.

Imagine having no voice or a partial one, someone speaking for you, unsure as to what is being asked of you and incapable of letting people know you want to rest simply because you don’t feel well.  It’s no wonder these children are frustrated.

Swing for Autism supports The Center for Therapeutic Learning and Communication, a local pediatric therapy location.  Funds help provide scholarships to local children who do not have insurance or otherwise cannot afford the care they need.

Swing for Autism supports Friends of Jacob.  This foundation provides financial assistance to families affected by autism.  This is done through the means of equipment, respite care and medical bills but they have long term goals as well.  They want to build a community for adults with autism.

Swing for Autism supports YMCA Camp Copneconic.  In the beginning the provided support helped build a medical center to aide in all medical needs for any illness or disability a child has while participating in all camp events including autism.  After the ground breaking event we continued the support to help children who otherwise could not participate.  

No one wants their voice to be spoken for them.  We have a lot of work to do in making sure our kids can find ways to speak for themselves.  One day they will be adults and having the best quality of life is important.  Helping the Swing for Autism Charity Golf Classic in any way that you can, helps provide that voice.

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