Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Community Post #7: Lets keep it clean guys.

The earth is decaying, and we are responsible to its deterioration. Although there have been strives for creating a cleaner healthier earth, we are still polluting. This planet is our home and there other earth-like planets out there; however, the reality is that they are light years away. Humanity simply does not have the technology for us to reach those other planets. Mother-nature has provided a home to us live on, and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

As a whole, we go through a tremendous amount of resources. According to news article written by The Independent the average American has an ecological foot print of seven-teen football fields. Here is a link to a quiz to tell you how many earths it would take to support your life style. I received a score of 4.2 earths, not as bad as the average American, but I can do better and so can we all. The earth has become limited on the amount of resources it can produce. If we do not ration, or work towards creating a greener society, it will not be too long before we are fighting for resources. Let us take a look at the great lakes of Michigan. With fresh water slowly being depleted many other states are looking for a way to get Michigan’s fresh water.

 While our resources are becoming less abundant, I noticed while walking around town that people are littering, and being wasteful to our environment. I know it is easier to rid ourselves of trash by simply tossing it, but multiple retailers such as: Target and Best Buy make it very continent for disposing our useless plastics and electronics. Some people see this as harmless, but it certainly affects other beings around them like plants and animals. Polluting our oceans with harmful chemicals and plastics affects the aquatic animals; many of which are getting trapped in netting, six-pack plastic rings, and various other materials. This throws the circle of life off and causes animals to be at greater risk of extinction.  
We too are affected by pollution. According to an article written by Greg Langley air pollution is the number one killer of the environment. On average air pollution causes 3.5 million premature deaths worldwide each year. Most of this is caused though transportation. It is possible to lower this number simply by using public transport. It may not solve the problem completely, but it will begin to help. If we continue with the use of personal transport this number will only rise, and more premature deaths will occur.

Even though one slip of paper lying on the ground does not do much, it adds up fast; and it hurts life as a whole. It may take a while, but together, we can help save this planet and all the life forms here on earth!

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