Thursday, April 2, 2015

Post #7: Abortion

Abortion has been a major debate for years now and it is only becoming a bigger topic. The rate of abortions if constantly increasing and clinics are steady opening. There are circumstances and everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the topic but it is not right. No child ask to be born at the end of the day. There are consequences behind having sex and that is POSSIBLY one of them. There are ways to reduce the chances of a female getting pregnant but if you are need willing to take them steps then you know the risk. The only time I feel it is acceptable to get an abortion is if rape was involved. The pathos of this topic is focused on an individual's belief or religion. Of course, everybody has their own opinion on the topic but when you believe in certain things, there is one choice left for you. Most religions find abortion just unacceptable and I agree. For every action there is a consequence and possible outcomes shall be discussed prior. Once having a baby, there are other options as well. Every child deserves a chance to live but if the mom and dad can not or do not want to raise the baby, adoption is an option. The logos of the situation is about a person knowing how you can get pregnant and the possible outcome if a situation. If you do not want a baby, remain abstinent, use a condom, and there are other options still available.

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