Monday, April 6, 2015

Post #7 "This I believe..."

I believe that a person's family dynamic helps shape who they become. Growing up female by a single parent mom I saw how often times women take on the roles of men. By my father not being in my life I had to rely on my mother or other women in my family to take place in his absence. I have always had strong women in my life that have raised me. Not having a father or any male role model in my life for that matter impacted me negatively and positively as a young girl. Often times it was hard for me to build relationships with men. Even though there was a not huge presence of males in my life there were women who taught me things I needed to know, and to be a strong woman.

Seeing a single mother work to raise us without a father it began to shape my idea of males as a whole. Whenever I would see a family on television it was always the father, mother, and children. As a young girl this would make me feel sad. I felt that I was missing out on valuable moments with my father. Knowing that my family was not what society would consider the norm made me feel different. By my father not being in my life it manifested in my life in more ways than one.
I think in order for children to have the opportunity it experience a family experience people should wait a little longer to have kids. In this generation it seems that parents are becoming younger and younger. By choosing to have a child early you miss out on the opportunity  mature. You may end up having a child with someone who is not mature enough to handle it weather it be a man or a woman.
Think by having a child grow up in a two parent house hold they struggle less when they get older. Having both a mother and father puts less responsibility on older siblings. Sometimes in single parent households older children are seen as the second parent. The responsibilities place on them are that of the missing parents. Also , having two parents in the household gives children an opportunity to see how man and woman should interact with one another and crave out gender roles. Most importantly can create a lot of emotional issues.

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