Friday, April 3, 2015

Technology is Taking Over

Why is the world being taken over by technology? That is a question I continue to ask myself daily because when I look around everyone is either on his or her phone or on his or her computers. Conversations have become meaningless and face-to-face interactions rarely occur. Things have gotten so bad that children are even receiving cell phones way before they need them. Where has the time gone and why has things changed drastically? Is this new era of technology a good or bad thing for us? All these are the questions I wonder and often ask myself.

Remember the time when eating dinner at the table with your family consist of conversing about how your day went? Well in today’s world as you sit and eat dinner, no one is asking about how the day went but instead texting or playing games on their phone. To be honest many of those things happen in my household. I can recall a time when I had just prepared a nice dinner for my family and as we were sitting at the table both my children were busy playing games on their phones instead of eating. I glanced over at them both and instantly got upset and made them both put their phones up. My children were so use to their phones that they even had the nerve to bring them inside of church and that is when I sit down with my husband and made the decision that things had to change.

It had been said,” that couples are so drawn to instagram, facebook and just their phones period that when out on a date they spend the majority of their time on their phones, instead focusing on each other. With that being said,” what can we do to get back our rightful communication among one another, where no phones are involved? In an article I read by Aleisha Fetters titled “You Won’t Believe How Many Hours You Spend on Your Phone Each Day” which was published on September 2, 2014 stated that:

  • 94.6 Minutes on Texting
  • 48.5 Minutes Emailing
  • 38.6 Minutes Facebooking
  • 34.4 Minutes Browsing the Net
  • 26.9 Minutes listening to Music

That is a total of 243 minutes, which totals out to be 4 hours a day spent using your phone or surfing the internet. Then if you are working 8 hours, a day those hours plus 4 hours equates to 12 hours of your day that is gone and now how much time minus sleeping do you have to spend with family? We all need to re-evaluate where we spend our time and what we spend our time doing. Technology cannot consume our lives if we chose to not allow it to, we need to find a way to bring face to face communication back and stay off our phones before we deteriorate the relationships we have among another.

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