Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 12 Community Post 7: Lets control the pet population!

My neighborhood is home to the Kitty Patrol. That's the nickname that my boyfriend and I gave to the gang of stray and feral cats roaming my neighborhood. And while I do enjoy seeing Mittens and McGruff on the prowl, I also feel really bad that they aren't being cared for they way they should be. McGruff is even missing most of his tail, and none of the neighborhood cats look healthy. I never thought too much about spaying and neutering before moving to Las Vegas, but the streets here are literally overrun with stay cats and dogs. And I thought this was sad enough, cats and small dogs (almost exclusively chihuahuas) darting in and out of traffic, without homes, companionship, or basic food and water. It broke my heart. But then I realized the truly sinister thing about it. Now, at least once a week, we are awoken in the night by the sound of cats procreating. I don't know if you've ever heard it, but it sounds like cat murder. Not only are theses poor cats homeless, but they're actively making EVEN MORE homeless pets as we speak!

The problem is exponential. The more pets there are, the more pets will be homeless. When pets aren't spayed or neutered, they will keep making more pets. In seven short years, one cat and her babies can produce 370,000 new kitties. For a minute that sounds great because I love cats, but where are they going to live? The answer is, they aren't. 2.4 MILLION healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are put down every year in shelters in the United States. Thats one every 13 seconds! There simply aren't enough homes for them. By spaying and neutering your pet, you can make sure that you aren't contributing to the problem. And by adopting a pet, you are ensuring that one more cuddly buddy doesn't end up on the street or get euthanized.

My message is simple. Be responsible. Pets are a responsibility. At the very least, you should do your part by not contributing to an already unsustainable homeless pet population. Adopt. Spay and neuter. Be decent. You owe it to your pets.

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