Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 12: Fashion is worth it

Yes, I know I should talk about bigger problems, things that will make this world a better one. Well guess what? Fashion is a problem.
Fashion has been around since I can remember, The Victorian era had great dresses and corsets. Men wore heels and to be honest it was one of the most beautiful era if you ask me, fashion wise. Everything back then was very detailed. From the hat to the shoes. Most of them were hand made because technology was not advanced. Everything was beautiful. People dress to impress and express because social statues played a big part on who they were.
Now we just don't care, at least most of us don't. We don't see the point in putting an effort to get to class, or got to social functions. Most people would rather spend all day and if possible life in a pajama. As comfortable as that sound, I wouldn't waste good texture, pattern and sewing on that.
Fashion should matter, just a little bit. Think about it, If you go to an interview and your pants are two size bigger or smaller because you didn't think about it. But your employers, as the big fashion connoisseur that they are, they notice and bam, your first impression is out of the window. Sure you don't think about it now, you're probably laughing as you read this and calling it nonsense but it's true.
I know this because I have been there. At my first interview, he told me, "Next time come dress like you want this job" I went to an interview one summer in a blue short and green shirt once. Yeah, rookie mistake. I seriously didn't give it much thought since it was "just a retail job". The next day I applied again and got call in for an interview. And the same guy who interview me did it again. Anyway, I got the job but I was humiliated that I couldn't put much effort into something so simple and effortless.
We should put in just enough effort to the different social settings we are attending. By enough I mean a lot. Dress like you mean it. "You can never be overdressed and overeducated"-Oscar Wilde.
I just want the world not to go out in their pajamas all the time, I believe in being comfortable with a little effort.
Fashion is about expressing yourself. Who wouldn't want to do that. It is a beautiful thing, we should learn to appreciate it. We should all be encourage to at least pick as day or two a week to prove that fashion matter. Let's change the world one well dressed person at the time.

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