Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 12 Post - This I Believe

I believe that all men, women, children, and everyone in-between are created equal, and should be treated as such. 

We can look throughout history and see that of course humans have not and do not treat each other as equals very often, but our country is built on the idea that everyone is equal, that they have these rights that can not be taken from them, that they are a part of them. We know that Jefferson wrote these words the Declaration of Independence, the document that first began to shape the United States’ ideals, values. So I ask why are these principles not carried through today? So many minority groups, including the LGBTIA community, do not have the same rights and equal standing as others. If we wanted to live up to our founding father’s vision, then everyone would be able to marry whomever they want, and these people would not have the fear of being fired from their jobs for it. Where I live, Michigan, is just one example of a state where I am not protected by laws, and the same opportunities and inherent rights are not offered to me. I can get fired from a job for being gay, I can not be hired because I am gay, and I can not marry the man I love in this state. I pay taxes, I am a fine upstanding citizen who contributes to my community, but I am not equal to them. But all men are created equal, right? Not according to the laws that hold our country together. 

Imagine that you could not marry the person you love. Not because of money, or distance, or controllable circumstance, but because the law prevents it. How is that even possible? How would you feel? Let me tell you, it feels hopeless. Like you are lesser than straight people because you are not the norm. Children who have two same sex parents can not have a normal children because their family is legally banned from being officially together. This is not just affecting adults, but children too. Children in states like mine are scared to be who they are because they know that so much of society rejects them, that their government does not support or protect them. 

On the other hand, is simply makes sense economically for the country to support same sex marriage. States that legally accept and support same sex marriage have found their economies boosting because people buy presents for the couples, the couples support their local economy by renting spaces, buying flowers, buying cakes, and spending money on all the things that are required for a wedding. If people were not discriminated against because of their sexual orientation then they could get better jobs, or even a job instead of being unemployed or underemployed. This is the reason that I am moving to Illinois as soon as possible. There, I am not marginalized and can support my state. It makes sense economically for everyone to have the same rights and for everyone to be treated equally. 

This is what I believe, and I urge you to give your views more thought. Do you agree that everyone is equal? Do you want your economy to improve? Do you want children to grow up scared? I don’t. 

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